RTM Legal gives you legal services, Rotterdam style. A direct, no-nonsense approach. Clear and honest advice that moves your business further. RTM Legal is all about giving you that little extra.


RTM Legal was set up by Marjolein van den Boogerd, a driven person, a sparring partner with an eye for detail, practical nature and the typical Rotterdam no-nonsense approach. She is very committed to her clients and their business operations, and likes to help them find their way through the legal maze. In addition to the legal aspects, Marjolein never loses sight of the commercial interests and feasibility of her legal opinions in any matter. Marjolein likes to meet up with fellow businesspeople and is a member of various business clubs and business associations, including SBV Excelsior, Business Open and Verenigde Ondernemers Scheepvaartkwartier.


RTM Legal can draw on a wide-ranging network of financial, legal, tax and management consultants that it works with in close collaboration. You can be sure that your interests will always be handled in confidence and the outcome will be in your best interest.


You can reach me on:


Email: marjolein@rtmlegal,nl
Phone number:  +31 (0) 6 21 51 21 77 

A direct, no-nonsense approach